Ransomware 2022 Q1 Report

Ransomware 2022 Q1 Report

Ransomware is not going away in 2022 or not even in the next 10 years. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts Ransomware will cost its victims more than $265 billion (USD) annually by 2031.

It seems like 2022 has just begun, and ransomware attacks on some big giants have already made the news.  The major attack vectors still remain

  • RDP Compromise
  • Email Phishing
  • Software Vulnerability
Source: https://www.blackfog.com/the-state-of-ransomware-in-2022/

January 2022

Ransomware started strong in 2022 with a significant attack on Bernalillo County in New Mexico making headlines. The incident closed most government buildings and impacted education in the area. January saw 27 ransomware attacks where 80% of all attacks used PowerShell with an average payout of US$139,000.

February 2022

Blackfog recorded 28 ransomware attacks in February 2022. Notable incidents were a ransomware attack on the San Francisco 49ers’ during Super Bowl weekend and another one on KP Snacks. Still, 80% of all attacks used PowerShell with an average payout of US$322,168

March 2022

March recorded 25 ransomware attacks with Samsung, Microsoft and Bridgestone making headlines. Toyota was forced to halt production across all plants in Japan after a ransomware attack on a key supplier.

Source: Blackfog